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15 Toen Barton Mathis terugkeerde in de stad werd zij ook een slachtoffer van hem, maar haar leven werd gered door de Hood. 16 Ze is echter door de dood van Tommy en het hele gebeuren rondom The Undertaking flink aan de drank geraakt en accepteert daarbij niet de hulp van haar vader of Oliver. 17 Bij het proces tegen Moira Queen moest Laurel plotseling de zaak tegen haar overnemen omdat Adam onder invloed was Vertigo en zelf zijn taken niet kon uitvoeren. Moira Queen werd tot groot ongeloof vrijgesproken. Ze begon ook te daten met Sebastian Blood, maar desondanks vertrouwde ze hem niet helemaal en aangemoedigd door Thea Queen gaat ze op onderzoek uit. Ze weet diens moeder Maya Resik in het gesticht te vinden en Laurel wordt door haar gewaarschuwd om Sebastian niet te vertrouwen. 19 Met haar bedenkingen neemt ze contact op met de Arrow die haar bedenkingen verder onderzoekt, maar uiteindelijk blijkt het officier Daily te zijn die ze achterna zat.
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Arrow Laurel Dies Katie Cassidy interview Hollywood Reporter.
Eleven-Fifty-Nine" finally revealed that it was Laurel after Dahrk stabbed her with one of Oliver's' own arrows while he was escaping Iron Heights Prison. Oliver brought Laurel to the hospital, and despite making it out of surgery, she suddenly coded and died while in recovery. Arrow producers were vocal all season long about how when they introduced that grave mystery, they did it without knowing who would end up in it.
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Ray finds out that Oliver is the Arrow Duration: 258. ibzer275 609248, views. Arrow All Flashbacks Season One The Beginning Duration: 14613. Arrow Flashbacks 461977, views. Arrow 2x15 Oliver reunites with Slade Duration: 219. ScreenCinemaClips 168592, views. Arrow 2x21 Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle about surrendering to Slade Duration: 316. ScreenCinemaClips 196961, views. The Olicity Story Oliver and Felicity from Arrow Seasons 1-5 Duration: 12639. Gil T 753993, views. Arrow 3x20 Oliver Malcolm break down over Thea Duration: 147. Legends-SuperFlarrow 423 50418, views. Arrow 3x23 Thea becomes Speedy Duration: 109. Oliver Green 240761, views. Arrow 1x05 Part 11 Laurel and Oliver talk about the island Duration: 334.
Arrow Boss: Laurel's' Reaction to the Oliver Bombshell Is Surprising Hollywood Reporter.
When Slade told Laurel, he thought that that was going to be yet another devastating death charge into Oliver's' life, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. VIDEO: Arrow: Oliver Discovers a Mirakuru Twist. But life is more complicated than that and Laurel's' reaction to the news isn't' as simple as Slade may have hoped. I" think that Laurel's' reaction to finding out the news for one, not just taking it at face value, but being smart about it her emotional reaction to the news is surprising.
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Arrow Season 2 Recap Laurel Knows Oliver Is the Arrow TVLine.
Laurel finally clues in to the identities of the Arrow and the Canary when she discovers her sister shares the same extensive scarring that Oliver does. But just as shes about to confront the Arrow, she gets called away to her injured fathers side. Lance doesnt want to know the hooded vigilantes identity because he doesnt want to think of him as a person with friends and family. If he did, then the crimefighter couldnt be what the city needs him to be. Imagine the weight he has to carry, Lance tells her. In the end, she just gives Oliver a hug because Youre important to me. Moira reveals that Isabel had an affair with Olivers dad when she was an intern, but the bigger shock may be that he knew all about Theas paternity. Isabel claims they were soulmates and planned to run away together, but in the end, he chose to stay with his family. RELATED Matts Inside Line: Arrow Scoop and More! Oliver finds Slades experiment homebase and an unconscious Roy! After a fight breaks out among Oliver, Slade and Isabel, Diggle shoots Isabel while Ollie gets away with Roy.
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Laurel Lance may refer to a number of characters.: For the vigilante from Earth One, also known as Black Canary, see Laurel Lance Earth One. For the reformed meta-human criminal from Earth Two, also known as Black Siren, see Laurel Lance Earth Two.
Arrow Recap Laurel Learns Olivers Secret, Thea Learns Malcom Is Dad TVLine.
Its sad that you dont know, she scoffed, before busting out some martial arts on Oliver whilst rambling about the sins of the father and what not. Could she be Rose Wilson, Slades daughter? Or is Isabel, per DC lore, a onetime mistress of the late Roberts? Regardless, between the ninja moves and the way she was standing with tude alongside Slade and Sebastian toward the end, she became 175% more interesting. The third reveal came at the very end of the episode, when Slade now a most wanted criminal stops by Laurels apartment, not to harm her but drop some knowledge: Oliver Queen is the Arrow.
Arrow 2x19 Oliver Laurel I" already know the answer" YouTube.
Arrow 2x19 Laurel puts the pieces together, Laurel and Quentin Duration: 148. Katie Cassidy Daily 103509, views. Arrow 3x18 Lance knows who the Arrow is Duration: 151. Katie Cassidy Daily 330002, views. Oliver telling Thea his secret Duration: 428. ibzer275 638072, views. Arrow Oliver Finds Out Who The Black Canary is Duration: 312.
Arrow: Will Laurel Reveal that She Knows Oliver's' Big Secret? Today's' News: Our Take TV Guide.
Katie Cassidy, Stephen Amell. With Slade Wilson Manu Bennett determined to ruin Oliver Queen's' Stephen Amell life, the last thing Arrow s billionaire playboy-turned-vigilante needs is more people learning the truth about his extra-curricular activities. Unfortunately, that's' exactly what Slade had in mind when he showed up at Laurel's' Katie Cassidy door to tell Ollie's' former love the truth about the emerald archer. But that doesn't' mean Laurel will believe Slade. Arrow: More people will learn Oliver's' secret identity! Naturally, the inquisitive ADA will set out to uncover the truth for herself in Wednesday's' episode 8/7c, The CW, which finds her slowly putting the puzzle pieces together in more ways than one.

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